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Regain control of your closet

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We only wear 30% of our closets.

Pile of jeans closet

Your closet is bursting with clothes, yet you feel like you have nothing to wear ? The numbers are clear : we only wear 30% of our clothes. 

Celebrities have stylists to advise them everyday. With CloZ, you now have one in your pocket !

We spend an average of 9 hours a month planning our outfits

Our solution :


  • A closet booser : get outfit suggestions, matching your style and the day ahead ! CloZ allows you to get the most out of every single item of clothing that you own. 

  • A style expert : at CloZ, we give you access to our network of partnered stylists, who will give you their best tips to express your individuality through your clothes. 

  • A shopping assistant : CloZ lets you shop, in-app, the clothes in suggested outfits that you do not own yet. Less impulsive buying, more smart choices and lasting items !  


What you get from CloZ

CloZ personalised look suggestion
  • Daily look ideas, for every occasion, so you can break free from lack of inspiration in the morning. 

  • The digitization of your closet to get personalised outfit suggestions based on what is in your wardrobe.

  • Full access to individualized tips (body type, colorimetry, wardrobe detox...) from our partnered stylists. 

  • A direct view of all your garments and therefore an awareness of real needs, optimizing resources and limiting consumption. 

At CloZ, we want fashion to be a vector of self-confidence and we want our clothes to reflect our personality and our aspirations.  
Our partnered stylists

Our stylists bring their expertise and passion for fashion to craft personalised styling tips !

Stylist Alexia


❤️ She loves :
Super qualitative and timeless pieces with a touch of color and boldness. 

✋ She hates :
The color black, skinny jeans, see-through shirts, straight dresses and crop tops.

Stylist Clara


❤️ She loves :
Lots of color, patterns and all of the small details that go a long way.

✋ She hates :

Itchy knitwear, dark gray, destroyed clothing and bling looks.

photo VERA.jpg


❤️ She loves :

Shiny materials and mixing styles, fabrics and colors, a real maximalist !

✋ She hates :

Vulgar and over-the-top looks : crop tops, sky-high heels and tight clothes.

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