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Our vision
Wardrobe pile of clothes

At CloZ, our vision is to create a future where fashion becomes an authentic expression of self while limiting our impact on the environment. We aspire to guide our users towards a more responsible way of buying

Our mission is to restore women's self-confidence by promoting greater self-awareness and optimizing the use of their closet. Through an innovative approach, we provide our users with relevant information on their clothing preferences, aimed at optimizing their existing wardrobes and encouraging thoughtful consumption. 

Our DNA is based on freedom of choice - everyone is free to buy and consume fashion as they see fit - with CloZ, we're here to offer alternatives selected by our stylists and enable better use of what already exists. 

CloZ is more than just a fashion app; it's a guide to conscious consumption, authentic self-expression, and a harmonious balance between fashion and sustainability.

Our team
Olivia Caron

Co-founder & Head of Operations and Finance

Olivia loves new technologies and she is an online shopping addict. After a successful career in finance, she decided to go into entrepreneurship. With in-depth expertise in operations and finance, she is the driving force behind the consistency and efficiency of our company. Her love of technology meets her passion for fashion, creating a balance essential to CloZ's success. 

Marion Perrier

Co-founder & Head of Communications, Marketing, Social Media and Stylists Relations 

Marion, who loves shopping and is always on the lookout for the latest trends on social media, also chose entrepreneurship after a successful career in finance. As co-founder and trend hunter, she brings a touch of creativity to CloZ. Her passion for fashion and her understanding of consumer preferences guide the development of CloZ to meet the changing needs of our community.

Olivia Caron, CloZ co-founder
CloZ flower
Marion Perrier, CloZ co-founder
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They believe in us...

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